Evora IT Solutions: Mobile Process Evolution along the SAP Standard

CIO VendorChristian Bartels, MD,U.S. Gregor Bender, MD, Germany Karthik Setty, MD, Germany
Mobile applications for companies are the prime movers behind a wave of IT innovations. “Customers approach us with ideas for game changing solutions to innovate their processes,” says Christian Bartels, MD, USA, Evora IT Solutions, USA. As a system implementer with a strong SAP background, Evora IT Solutions delivers consulting and implementation services in the area of SAP Enterprise Mobility. Together with its partners, Evora IT has delivered Enterprise Mobility projects to organizations of all sizes. The delivered solutions were based on standard SAP Mobility and Workforce Management solutions like SAP Work Manager, SAP Service Manager, SAP Workforce Scheduling & Optimization and SAP Multi-Resource-Scheduling for customers in Asia, Europe and North America.

Leveraging on SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), Evora IT develops various mobile applications to transform any enterprise into a mobile process leader. By using the latest in SAP User Experience (UX) technology and methodology, Evora IT drives the evolution ofmobile processes. SAP's Work Manager and Service Manager Solution play a vital role in maintaining the mobile plant maintenance and service processes during offline scenarios. These solutions are tailored in such a way that it fulfills the customer needs instantly. Moreover, SMP acts as a secure gateway to the customer’s SAP and non-SAP systems.

Evora IT approaches the customer requirements concerning mobility using a “best fit” approach. Looking at the business scenario, the team weighs the different technological approaches. “Agentry is our technology of choice, if the target process is covered by one of the SAP standard applications and the customer is looking for proven solutions with short implementation cycles,” notes Karthik Setty, MD, Evora IT Solutions, India.
HTML5 or SAP flavored SAPUI5 based solutions are in the spotlight, if the there is no standard Agentry app and device independency is of interest to the customer. However, sometimes you have to be pixel perfect. A good example is a sales app, where the sales rep shows the customer the product range on an iPad. In this case, native applications use mobile technology to represent the customer’s brand perfectly.

Evora IT believes in evolving with their customers, to prove their strengths in areas of mobility. For instance, City of Toronto decided to go mobile with SAP Work Manager to drive efficiency throughout the maintenance department, which takes care of the assets across the city. As the processes were already functioning within SAP ERP, the job turned out to be very easy for Evora IT’s team. Technicians and Supervisors now use SAP Work Managerin the field, even in offline conditions. The technicians can document and confirm their jobs effortlessly. At the same time, the supervisors see the progress of the work on their mobile device and are able to assign further work as maintenance requests come in. It all means that people across the department spend less time at their desk and more time in the field.
Evora IT follows two major strategies to stay ahead in the market among competitors. One is through the SAP's partnership. “We stay aligned with SAP strategy in everything we do, in order to ensure that our solutions sustain a maximum long term value for our customers,” says Gregor Bender, MD, Germany Evora IT Solutions. The second strategy is through their international approach across multiple locations.

Whether you want to access your processes in SAP online or offline, on-premise or cloud, on a desktop or on a smart phone, we will provide you with the ideal, SAPbased solution

Moving forward, Evora IT is planning to expand its operations across the US and foresees a fantastic increase in both turnover and customers. “Our main focus is to grow as team. As great people will continue to deliver great results,” concludes Bartels.

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Christian Bartels, MD,U.S. Gregor Bender, MD, Germany Karthik Setty, MD, Germany

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