FieldAware: Re-shaping the Field Service Industry with Mobility

Mobility plays an indispensable role in field service management by automating the flow of information and business processes -increasing efficiency, productivity and revenue. “Mobility combined with cloud computing, for any business, is analogous to the flow of information through the human body’s nervous system. It keeps a complex organization running smoothly,” says Bill Beamish, CEO and Founder, FieldAware. “However, not every firm realizes the windfall of deploying mobile technologies and applications.” FieldAware is a provider of easy-to-implement, made-for-mobile and cloud-based software solutions that enable organizations to benefit from mobility in field service operations using smartphones and tablets.

The company’s solutions are re-shaping the field service industry by allowing data exchange between workers in the field and back office systems. The result is more efficient operations and fewer errors by automating processes. Born from its Founder’s experience and understanding of the needs of field engineers and technicians, FieldAware ensures end-to-end management of field operations by increasing reach, all the way out to the field and the customer. “Each company in the landscape of enterprise mobility is unique. Our solutions are highly adaptable to a customer’s business processes which results in automating workflow, streamlining scheduling, and ensuring service level compliance,” says Beamish. Simplicity and versatility are at the core of FieldAware’s web and mobile applications which can be customized for any field service setting.

FieldAware’s native mobile applications digitize the entire field service workflow including work orders, checklists, maps, customer signatures, photographs, instruction manuals, and voice and video recordings. This digitization of data links all the way from the core of the organization (accounting, CRM, scheduling, etc.) out to the technician in the field. The mobile app is a powerful, yet simple, solution that leverages the compute power of the device and the unique capabilities of iOS and Android operating systems (i.e. integration with mapping, photo, video, voice recognition). Because FieldAware has truly native mobile apps, in the absence of cellular network coverage, the app saves data and allows the mobile worker to sync the data upon receiving network access.

Unlike its competition, the company’s technology architecture started with mobile. “This is the real essence of enterprise mobility: a powerful platform that can link accounting, scheduling, CRM and other systems directly with what’s going on in the field,” says Beamish. FieldAware has earned its stature in the market by serving clients across an array of industries with solutions that have a comprehensive set of features.

Mobility combined with cloud computing, for any business, is analogous to the flow of information through the human body’s nervous system. It keeps a complex organization running smoothly

Even in non-traditional field service businesses, FieldAware is helping to transform businesses. One of its customers has secured government contracts to erase graffiti in metropolitan cities. The process of identifying the graffiti and its location, then filing the necessary paperwork for approval, was manual and time consuming until field workers began using FieldAware on their mobile devices. With FieldAware’s solution, the field workers are able to photograph, time stamp, and geo stamp the area with graffiti, send off the data for approval, then fix the problem on the spot. And, once the work is complete, the field worker presses a button on his mobile device and an invoice is automatically generated in the back office. “We are committed to providing our customers with solutions and products that embody simplicity, focus, and efficiency in the mobile world,” concludes Beamish.


A provider of made-for-mobile, cloud-based software that enables field service companies to take full and rapid advantage of mobile environment.