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Donald Addington President & CEO
In the present day and age of technology, enterprise development revolves around mobility, collaboration and agile solutions. “But taking one’s testing systems, app dev systems or even DevOps itself and using them in collaboration with the latest mobile technologies can be a distant dream that can at best be woefully inefficient,” affirms Donald “Don” Addington, President and CEO, Mobile Labs. Making this distant dream a reality by bringing order to the chaos with enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile testing solutions is Mobile Labs. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs delivers solutions that help clients deliver quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, while also helping manage mobile devices in a private, secure cloud.

“We are building the backbone of mobile development and testing, which will help enterprises regain the ability to collaborate,” says Don. “This will also help them to solve the major logistics problem of mobile development, testing, and support: instant access to the right device, the right operating system version, and the right app version,” he explains. Through their core offering—deviceConnect—the company empowers clients with a secure, private mobile device cloud that securely centralizes access to a large pool of mobile devices for development, support, and test. “Instead of checking a device out of a physical pool and plugging it in to her desktop, the clients can now log into our system and get the ability to remotely control a mobile device, in real time,” reveals Don. The improvement in efficiency this represents cannot be overstated, especially when teams are separated geographically.

“We are very easy to do business with and have the experience to understand that customer satisfaction is the only path to success in the enterprise space,” claims Don.
“Our solution is different because it is built to be the backbone of mobility. To achieve to that end we have extended the original public-cloud, device-testing paradigm, which was dominant several years ago in many key ways,” he explains. Mobile Labs’ device cloud can be used in a standard office environment and requires only a single connection to the local network. Furthermore, though the company offers a testing solution of their own, they do not make it mandatory. “We are perfectly happy if people use our backbone with other testing tools,” says Don.

Mobile Labs has been certified by HP and has the largest accumulation of HP based products then anybody in the marketplace. “Our HP based customer software is the largest bunch of testing software in the market today. And the company has amassed the largest global group systems integrators in the world,” claims Don. This unique partnership with many of the industry leading mobile test tool providers is an added bonus for customers seeking flexibility.

We absolutely love helping customers solve problems that have a direct impact on their business

“We love helping customers solve problems that have a direct impact on their business. And we are forever seeking learning about how to make it all work together easier,” notes Don. Going forward, the company plans to spread its operational purview and is committed to solving the problems relevant to the enterprise IT in a way that is comfortable. “Projects like the ‘connected car’ are just one example of what’s possible in this world today. And with each one of these massive projects the collection of data goes up exponentially and the demand for more software to parse these volumes of data is created. All of this leads to new opportunities for us to work with our customers,” says Don. “We see companies from world over writing more software than ever before and we at Mobile Labs believe that we can guide them in the new world,” he explains.

Mobile Labs

Donald Addington President & CEO

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