Streebo: Empowering Enterprises through Automated Solutions in Enterprise Mobility

CIO VendorUsman Memon Managing Partner & Co-Founder
In the year 2009, a group of techies were revamping technology solutions through their software automation techniques in an obscure garage in Houston. Fast forwarding to 2015, the same group is rejoicing being awarded as the number one innovative partner in the mobile division by IBM; this time, the location being an upscale resort in Las Vegas. As mobile computing is overwhelming the technology space, Streebo provides automated solutions with a focus on enterprise mobility. The company also leverages cloud and mobile through their range of Enterprise-Ready Apps that are optimized to work across different platforms and devices. “Standing apart from other companies that offer enterprise mobility solutions, our solutions can be customized and implemented easily to fit clients’ needs,” informs Usman Memon, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Streebo.

Holding a library of prebuilt components and parts with a niche focus in automation, Streebo offers Mobile applications as a Service (MaaS) solutions, which can be tailored to fit customers’ multi-channel mobile app needs. Offering solutions that are industry-specific like banking, and retail as well as business-specific like sales and field services, Streebo’s solutions can be assembled by users with minimum mobility skills. “Our solutions are unique because they can painlessly be modified or enhanced with self-service tools, without any prior knowledge in mobile development. A customer can be a business analyst and still manage our applications,” ascertains Memon. In addition, Streebo’s product line, mobile portal allows business analysts to create mobile dashboards, where elements can be added to a mobile app through a simple drag and drop feature and this stands as a major highlight for the company.

“Through our solutions, we broadly help customers in two ways—to garner customer engagement through mobile and leverage
mobile technology for maximum business efficiency,” remarks Memon. “Also, since we use software automation to manufacture mobile applications, it results in significant cost savings, and delivers an omni-channel experience for clients,” he adds.

Mainly architecting solutions for Fortune 2000 companies, Memon vests the success of his company to his keen interest in interacting with people from all parts of the world, which also helps Streebo gain a wide customer base, spanning across different continents. For a large insurance corporation, Streebo helped roll out a mobile capability for the agent portal using insurance applications. Streebo integrated its mobile applications with the clients' existing database and information sources, cutting down the need to design, program, and test applications for each mobile device. Using this application, the insurance company’s agents could save time with rapid, highly secure access to client information and insurance data from mobile devices. The solution was also ready for deployment within just eight weeks.

Our solutions are unique because they can be painlessly modified or enhanced with self service tools, without any prior knowledge in mobile development

Considering themselves as problem solvers over service providers, Streebo believes in constant innovation to battle the challenges that arise in enterprise mobility. Banking most from the shortage of mobile developers in the market, Streebo’s primary goal in the near future is to create mobile apps for leveraging business technology. “Our focus is to create products like mobile portals and dashboards so that organizations can expose content, data and processes on the mobile devices,” states Memon. “We have largely invested in building tools for mobile apps and then offering them as a service, either on-premise or cloud,” he ends.


Usman Memon Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Provides automated and enterprise mobility solutions that streamline complex business processes.