SyncDog: Application Containerization with Improved End user Experience

Jonas Gyllensvaan
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is changing the way companies look at managing the increasing mobile workforce. As the user requirements are becoming more defined, enterprises have to ensure that they take necessary steps to secure data, without deterring the end users from leveraging mobility to be more productive in the workplace. Most companies try to achieve this through implementing MDM for basic security/inventory management. However, with the proliferation of multiple apps and devices, basic MDM strategies are not enough and the enterprises are now looking at defining their risk tolerance for data loss protection and mobilization of various business processes. Headquartered in Reston, VA, SyncDog helps companies address these concerns through their flagship product SentinelSecure.

SyncDog’s comprehensive solution SentinelSecure achieves the balance between the value of mobilization, end user interface and security. “The platform helps enterprises manage all aspects of security, monitoring, applications and compliance, while empowering a mobile workforce with rich end user experience,” says Jonas Gyllensvaan, Founder and CEO, SyncDog, Inc.

SentinelSecure’s rich end-user experience provides the ability for users to collaborate across a number of different business and communication tools such as email, PIM, and Instant Messenger. “The interface is secure for the corporation, but highly collaborative and functional for day-to-day activities of the users,” says Gyllensvaan. As applications are widely used to secure data across enterprises today, SentinelSecure allows the apps’ investments to seamlessly integrate with the corporate EMM deployment, and ensures that the data is transferred through a secure environment. The movement between different apps is performed by app wrapping technique, where the data is encrypted within the working zones that facilitate easy sharing of secure data across multiple containerized applications. Functional on SyncDog's secure platform, the solution transports data to and from between enterprises backend in a more reliable manner across the mobile devices.

SentinelSecure is achieving a balance between the value of mobilization, end-user interface and security

While the firm’s cutting-edge solution plays a pivotal role in protecting data, SyncDog's unique business approach strengthens the infrastructure of its clients. The company approaches customers in an independent consultative engagement, not relying on any other technical framework, thereby ensuring easy deployment of the solution with no infrastructure dependencies. “We give preference to security followed by flexibility in deployment options,” says Gyllensvaan. Once implemented, SentinelSecure remains a flexible incorporation that compliments other components of the customer’s existing infrastructure. This enables customers to continue to leverage their current IT investments and yields a greater business workflow opportunity with higher levels of secure integration.

On the innovation front, SyncDog is evolving with the latest technologies to constantly upgrade their products. “By interacting with customers and technology experts, we integrate our network with a robust firewall to pursue the services more vigorously,” says Gyllensvaan. Moreover, the company keeps a track of what is being used and adopted by the customers to ensure a good compatibility level.

SyncDog is committed to working with several partners to strengthen their capabilities to meet the future needs of the EMM landscape. “This will be targeted towards improving the end-user experience without compromising on security,” says Gyllensvaan. The firm alsodesires to develop new and flexible policy options for secure container functionality so that companies can have the tools to deploy the needed business applications without taking on high levels of risk. “We will regularly increase the number of business applications and infrastructure support available within SentinelSecure, which will provide context-capable deployment of end user policy,” concludes Gyllensvaan.


Jonas Gyllensvaan

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