MobileIron [NASDAQ: MOBL]: The Mobile First Protagonist

Barry Mainz, President & CEO Who could have ever guessed that the clunky handheld gizmos, resembling a brick would one day gain a smaller form factor and turn smart, to not only direct every little activity in our lives but also help run large blue-chip corporate giants. In a time where the Gen Y employee refuses to be leashed to their cable equipped desktop computers, mobile phones help administer business on-the-go with round the clock connectivity. However, keeping aside the efficacies of the virtual workspace, the BYOD fad also brings along with it several security threats. While remotely accessing corporate networks or transferring payment data online, the chances of a cyber attack today, are doubled. “Whereas traditional security measures focused on restricting employees’ access to corporate resources in a world of mixed-use devices, what organizations need is the right security model—enhancing business without barriers,” states Barry Mainz, President and CEO, MobileIron [NASDAQ: MOBL]. A backbone for modern end-user computing, MobileIron harnesses the power of mobile devices through a unique Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that meets both user demands and IT security requirements. Enabling organizations to become truly mobile first, the company’s EMM platform secures data-at-rest on the device and in cloud storage or data-in-motion as it moves between the corporate network and storage repositories. “MobileIron stands out from other Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors by providing expanded EMM capabilities to IT organizations that need to secure mobile devices, applications, and content,” explains Mainz.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Secure Apps

Purpose-built for organizations to safeguard mobile fleets, the MobileIron EMM platform can either be deployed on-premise or as a cloud service. The platform not only safeguards confidential business information across the mobile workforce without slowing down business productivity but also empowers employees with device choice, privacy, and a native user experience. To mitigate mobile security risks across a variety of operating systems, MobileIron provides cross-platform BYOD enterprise solutions that protect both corporate data and employee privacy on mobile devices. “Our cross-platform BYOD management renders shadow IT as a thing of the past. The MobileIron EMM seamlessly extends security to any mobile device or app, ridding employees from the task of learning new technologies and workflows,” explains Mainz. To ensure that enterprise cloud data is completely secure on mobile devices, the company recently launched MobileIron Access which extends the capabilities of the EMM platform, allowing only trusted users, on trusted devices to access business data. MobileIron Access provides visibility and in-depth reporting on cloud service usage enabling IT administrators to easily track users, devices, and apps being used to connect to enterprise cloud services.

MobileIron stands out from other MDM vendors by providing expanded EMM capabilities

“We are bringing to market the answer to data security that our customers have been waiting for,” exclaims Mainz. “With MobileIron Access, customers get a best-of-breed solution that integrates into their existing technology like their identity provider, and it does not require any modifications to the cloud apps. This is data security made simple,” he adds. In addition, the platform also includes all the necessary tools required to securely provision email, manage access control, prevent data loss, and selectively wipe email, apps, and data from non-compliant mobile devices.

Securing the Gateway

A key component or tool in the MobileIron platform is the MobileIron Core which integrates with backend enterprise IT systems and redefines security and management policies for mobile apps, content, and devices. MobileIron Core collects over 200 fields of data relating to the mobile infrastructure which administrators can use to derive meaningful analytics, visualization, and actionable insights. The MobileIron Sentry is another mobility management tool which acts as an in-line gateway, encrypts, and secures traffic between the mobile device and back-end enterprise systems. “Sentry addresses three fundamental needs for our customers: mobile security, scalability, and user experience,” points out Mainz.

In a particular instance, Standard Life Group, a leading long-term savings and investments organization with 6,500 employees around the globe wanted its workforce to use their mobile devices for more than email and calendaring. “Like many organizations, Standard Life wanted to leverage the surge in mobile technology as an opportunity to help its employees be more effective while deploying devices as securely and efficiently as possible,” informs Mainz. After evaluating several EMM platforms in the market, the client settled for MobileIron as other solutions could not meet the data security and usability in their Proof of Concepts which Standard Life desired. With the MobileIron platform, 2000 mobile employees around the world can now securely access corporate documents and files from anywhere. Through the MobileIron Web@Work, a mobile data security solution, Standard Life is now providing an enhanced and productive browsing experience to its many users of corporate-issued iPads and employee-owned Android and iOS devices. To top it all, when Standard Life founded a new satellite office in the Asia- Pacific region, employees were able to access corporate email and data on their mobile devices from day one, whereas without an IT infrastructure like MobileIron in place, giving employees network access could have taken days.

The Power of Networking

To offer the most comprehensive mobile IT ecosystem for customers, the company has a robust partner network which encompasses a wide range of support and services.
Setting a virtuous circle of enterprise mobility, the MobileIron partner network comprises of technology, channel, and service partner programs. While channel partners receive extensive training and support, lead sharing, and base discount on selling MobileIron’s products, the services partnership redefines the way EMM training is conducted. On the other hand, the technology partner program enables organizations to develop mobile apps and IT solutions that integrate with the MobileIron platform. “Specifically designed for solutions developers and infrastructure partners, our technology partner program provides technical enablement, sales collaboration, online partner resources and training—all designed to optimize a successful solution with MobileIron,” explains Mainz.

To further simplify enterprise app development and deployment, MobileIron recently formed the AppConfig Community in collaboration with AirWatch, IBM, and JAMF. The Community’s mission is to establish a common approach for enterprise app configuration and security based on OS native standards, including the extensive frameworks available in iOS. Working together, the members of the AppConfig Community will create tools, best practices and educational forums to enable developers and organizations to simplify app development and deployment and accelerate the adoption of transformational business apps. Moreover, AppConfig Community best practices are supported by Apple's mobility partners and more than 60 companies have committed to AppConfig Community tools, including leading software vendors Box, Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce, and Workday.

Hinging on Innovation

Always keeping in tow with innovation, the company recently built a Rooms App for iOS enterprise customers, which make booking a conference room easy with a single tap on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The app easily integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and MobileIron Core and can also be used to extend reservations for meetings in progress. Moving forward, the company is the first EMM vendor in-process for three critical government security certifications: Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified programs (CSfC). “MobileIron has always helped government agencies as well as financial services and healthcare organizations around the world secure their mobile deployments and we are continuing this commitment by pursuing these critical government certifications,” says Mainz.

"We are bringing to market the answer to data security that our customers have been waiting for"

As enterprise mobility continues to radically upend the organizational infrastructure, the day is not far when augmented reality visors and hologram phone calls will reset the paradigm for the virtual workspace. As Gartner predicts that by 2020 mobile employees will likely make up seventy two per cent of the American workforce, MobileIron with their state-of-the art EMM solutions is changing the face of mobile security. “We’re going to rejuvenate and build a mobile security landscape that is invincible and unassailable,” ends the CEO.


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