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Marne Martin, CEO
Mobility has changed the way people use technology to complete their daily tasks. Today, mobile and wearable devices are being used for online transactions, booking flight tickets, paying bills, hailing taxis, and even controlling home appliances. People value the flexibility to work from anywhere, any time, on any device, and have come to expect this user experience. “We have the ability to mobilize processes in the field, give real time status updates, as well as deliver and receive information from mobile workforces,” begins Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower. Field service organizations have reached an unprecedented transformative stage, as an array of advanced tools continue to storm the market, helping businesses transform the way they operate. With the pace of technology, companies are continually modernizing their solutions, looking for providers capable of delivering all the functionality and modularity they require to manage their workers and assets out in the field. Delivering solutions for both in-house and third party workforces, ServicePower provides superior field service and mobile workforce management software and services.

“One of the biggest trends that we have seen from the past few years is that many large enterprises have created their own mobility products, but their core business is not software development,” says Marne. ServicePower, with its entirely configurable enterprise mobile app, ServiceMobility, provides flexible forms and data fields which don’t require IT expertise to deploy. “It is a cross-platform product that works on any internet connected device, while also offering offline capabilities for enterprises to manage their devices and BYOD strategies,” adds Marne. ServicePower’s NEXUS FS, AngularJS and Bootstrap based technology, consists of functionalities like time card management, work order management, job dispatch, and inventory and parts management—helping large and small businesses manage their field operations.

We mobilize processes in the field, give real time status updates, as well as deliver and receive information from our mobile workforces

ServicePower’s mobility product is adaptable to the evolving enterprise needs. “What really drives the accessibility of our mobility product is not just the ability of our APIs to bring in the latest technology trends, but also integrate into optimization technology and service operations,” delineates Marne. ServicePower’s ServiceScheduling solution uses a patented artificial intelligence algorithm to completely optimize a customer’s field device schedule based on their defined business goals. Not only does the automated optimization ensure that the right resource is available at the right place, but takes the customer constraints and parameters into account as well.“ServiceScheduling is taking field service organizations into the future with integrated M2M technology that allows machine sensors to communicate with your schedule, changing reactive service into predictive service,” remarks Marne.

For instance, an Ireland based utility, responsible for the regulated procurement and supply of electricity to thousands of customers, was in need of a fully automated system to book and schedule their customers’ meter service requests. ServicePower’s ability to integrate intelligent scheduling with new call center and mobile communications technology suited its needs. “With our solution, the utility improved the visibility of the process leading to 15 percent increase in field productivity,” states Marne.

With a passion to continuously innovate its software and be a rapid deployment partner, ServicePower stands apart from the rest. As customer demands increase, ServicePower is well-prepped to drive more productivity. Moving ahead, “We, being a technology company, really focus on customer needs and look toward evolving as a flexible partner for our customers,” concludes Marne.


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Marne Martin, CEO

Provides field service, mobile workforce management, enterprise mobility software and services

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