SyncDog: Military-grade Security for BYOD Environment

Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO
The ubiquitous use of mobile devices in a corporate network has opened up several loop holes for hackers to steal essential information. Today, mobility management is turning into a key aspect for every sector as the market looks beyond Mobile Device Management (MDM) to determine what will protect data from all kind of mobile threats—whether internal or external. “As BYOD and Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) merge into Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategies, attention must be towards securing data on devices versus just managing of devices,” says Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO, SyncDog.

Headquartered in Reston, VA, SyncDog, an independent software vendor (ISV), builds secure infrastructure frameworks for protecting enterprise networks from cyber breach. SyncDog’s SentinelSecureTM is a product line for mobile application containerization and IoT module monitoring with a proactive approach to securing enterprise mobility computing. It is a data security solution delivering military-grade (FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit) secure mobile device partitions. These partitions or containers can secure data in emails, contacts, calendar items, IM apps, Internet browsers, mobile file stores, and other business apps provisioned on personal devices to be used in a BYOD or COPE setting. For managing and gaining control over the exchange of this time-critical and relevant information across wireless devices in an infrastructure, SyncDog provides SentinelSecureTM Mobile Workspace.

“Our ‘containerized’ mobility security partition protects organizational data with military-grade encryption and a simple software-based deployment,” says Gyllensvaan.

In the enterprise mobility arena, though organizations have solutions with enhanced security, solutions with tighter security constraints generally constrain application functionality. SyncDog SentinelSecureTM delivers augmented data protection for regulated industries and government organizations—all while providing a feature-rich user interface to maximize end-user productivity. The company also ensures the protection of organizational data in transit to and from the data center. This allows data-flow visibility as the data travels between an organization’s mobile fleet and data center through an AES 256-bit encrypted demilitarized zone (DMZ).

Our ‘containerized’ mobility security partition protects organizational data with military-grade encryption in a simple software-based deployment

“Our Server Agent resides on each host device and requires little system resources to collect user logs in real-time. This connects back to the Sentinel Management Console and Monitoring Dashboard where, with a glance at a single screen, IT administrators can monitor the overall health within the network and messaging servers in real-time,” says Gyllensvaan. While providing crystal-clear visibility of the network, SyncDog SentinelSecureTM for IoT, monitors IoT modules with agent-based software technology that tracks access to the network and sends the data to the Sentinel Mobility Monitoring server, or any EMM solution.

SyncDog listens to its customers for development of solutions based on their feedbacks and emphasizes on values like “security first”, independence, and integration for delivering a true enterprise mobility solution. With this true EMM, a large Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was able to simplify crime-scene processing while allowing the police to focus on investigations instead of extended time spent auditing, security risks, and compliance. MPD was facing security challenges in transferring data from the crime-scene to their secure datacenter. These security inefficiencies increased the risk of data leaks. With SyncDog’s Sentinel Infrastructure framework and SentinelSecureTM Container, MPD gained enhanced security in data transmissions from mobile device to department’s network and noticed improvement in workflow and compliance for managing sensitive data.

To stay ahead of the curve, SyncDog is constantly improving the end-user experience in its secure mobile container. The firm will be regularly increasing the number of business applications and secure interaction of applications within the SentinelSecureTM framework. The solution also provides geo-location and geo-fencing, and time-sensitive policy enforcement.


Reston, VA

Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO

Builds secure mobility infrastructure framework for protecting enterprise networks

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