Appdome: No-code Platform for Mobile Integration

Tom Tovar, CEO
Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is expanding beyond simply managing devices and apps, with an increasing focus on connectivity, authentication, security, analytics, and other services. In today’s complex and highly dynamic environments, organizations often find it onerous to integrate the constantly evolving external services that need to be built into mobile applications.

What if a platform combined all these services to create an in-app mobile experience at the click of a button, with no code or coding required? Appdome’s no-code platform for mobile integration does all of that within minutes, facilitating implementations including all major EMM and SSO vendors. This allows organizations to take full control of their mobility strategies.

A pioneer in providing mobile integration as a service, Appdome has devised a novel approach to mobile integration through its patented App Fusion technology. The company’s flagship product, the Appdome platform, enables developers and enterprise mobility professionals to quickly and seamlessly integrate third-party functionality at the binary level of a mobile app. By using Appdome, services can be added to an app even without any awareness of the software development kit (SDK), application programming interface (API) or other mandatory implementation requirements. The app can also be built in an environment of choice—native, non-native, or hybrid.

To use the Appdome platform, a developer or mobile professional uploads a compiled app on Appdome, chooses from the various integration options which include multiple EMM and SSO vendors, mobile security, and more, and complete the integration process automatically with the click of a button. “This results in powerful augmentation of the app to incorporate multiple functions simultaneously and in turn, accelerates clients’ enterprise mobility projects,” adds Tom Tovar, CEO of the company.

Appdome caters to more than 100 clients across multiple sectors including financial service, healthcare, law firms, as well as government institutions. These clients not only include enterprises but also developers and app publishers.

A pioneer in providing mobile integration as a service, Appdome has devised a novel approach to mobile integration through its patented App Fusion technology

“Even B2B and B2C app makers prefer the Appdome platform over developing functionalities manually as they consider it a faster and more convenient way of delivering apps to their customers,” Tovar points out. “We help our clients create custom applications to not just survive but thrive in the complex dynamic environments.”

Prioritizing clients’ choices and preferences forms an essential part of Appdome’s core value proposition, leading the company to grow as a provider of all major enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. Appdome’s platform now features single sign-on, proprietary authentication, in-app VPN, app shielding—anti-debugging, anti-tampering— and obfuscation, and more.

Appdome always strives for improved efficiency for end users of its services and the platform itself. The company is working on federated authentication between mobile apps, wherein if a user signs into a particular app then all other linked apps are unlocked automatically. “We have also recently launched a service named Appdome- GO for high productivity enterprises and developers to standardize implementations across hundreds of applications simultaneously, thus providing more options and improving the efficiency,” states Tovar.

With an increasing number of IT ecosystems falling under the purview of enterprise mobility in addition to changing topology, access rules, management contracts, vendors, solutions, and methods, Appdome’s open platform guarantees to accommodate all future evolutions. “We believe that we have the ability to assist clients in addressing an increasingly broader set of enterprise mobility challenges today as well as in the future,” concludes Tovar.

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Redwood City, CA

Tom Tovar, CEO

Provides mobile developers and enterprise mobility professionals a no-code platform to quickly and easily integrate SDKs and services with mobile apps