Top 20 Enterprise Mobility Solution Companies - 2013


Trends gaining momentum to the widespread usage of sophisticated mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and proliferation of novel business applications is driving the market for enterprise mobility over the next few years. We present to you  20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Companies.


    Top Enterprise Mobility Solution Companies

  • 1

    Developing Mobile Strategies And Creating Success Stories

  • 2

    Driving Employee Productivity through Mobility

  • 3

    Every day people are empowered to be more efficient through the use of mobile applications.

  • 4

    The ever-changing business climate, along with the continuous drive to improve competitive advantages, is driving CIOs to create a mobile strategy.

  • 5

    Mobile technology is empowering businesses around the world by delivering applications to completely transform industries.

  • 6

    There are over one billion smartphone users and it is expected that similar number of smart devices will be sold in 2013. This presents both an opportunity and challenge to an enterprise.

  • 7

    Checkout is the most critical point of any sale – on mobile, online or in person. Mobile checkout, however, can be particularly difficult and time consuming due to the small form factor of the smartphone and, all too often this leaves merchants with abandoned shopping carts or uncompleted transactions.

  • 8

    In business 'Time is Money,' therefore tracking and billing professional time from a labor compliance and resource management perspective is extremely critical.