Top 20 Mobility Solutions & Consulting Companies- 2014

Mobility has undoubtedly transformed the way enterprises function in the modern times. Organizations are waking up to the reality that enterprise mobility can substantially increase productivity by developing effective enterprise apps. We present to you the ‘20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers’.


    Top Mobility Solutions & Consulting Companies

  • 1

    A provider of technology services with prime focus on PLM solutions and services in the Consumer Products, Footwear and Apparel, Medical Devices, Enginnering and Manufacturing sectors

  • 2

    A provider of creative mobile application development, consulting and marketing operating on all major platforms including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android

  • 3

    Digital advertising is creating a buzz amongst business circles and for good reasons. Many of the building trends in digital advertising over the last few years have been crossing into the mainstream: real time bidding, social media as a must-have channel, online video, and mobile. The widespread adoption of these advertising options has resulted in terrific growth in the ad

  • 4

    A provider of mobile development platform (PaaS) which saves businesses from the cost and complexity of creating and managing custom mobile apps

  • 5

    A provider of business solutions in mobility space serving platforms in Android, BlackBerry, Windows and HTML5.

  • 6

    A provider of cloud based solution that includes simple web access and a free, integrated mobile application

  • 7

    A provider of an employee centric mobile user experience for the Enterprise

  • 8

    A provider of enterprise mobile application development offering enterprise app development, web and mobile consulting services

  • 9

    A provider of interactive applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs

  • 10

    A provider of mobility software solutions that enable cost savings, increased worker productivity, more efficient workflows, and unlimited scalability to support a growing mobile workforce.

  • 11

    A provider of configurable mobile applications that enable customers to dynamically create and manage their own business-process workflow through a simple GUI

  • 12

    A provider of wireless management solutions for enterprises

  • 13

    A provider of a professional suite of managed mobile marketing services allowing customers a single interface and strategy to implement mobile web sites, applications, text messaging and mobile advertising

  • 14

    A provider of supply chain consulting that specializes in MDM or Mobile Device Management solutions and offers a mobile fleet management tool called DeliverIt

  • 15

    A provider of software solutions that simplify, secure and enhance the mobile experience, allowing operators, platform providers and enterprises to increase efficiency and capitalize on the growth of connected devices

  • 16

    The company specializes in the design, delivery and support of mobile solutions in the Enterprise

  • 17

    VeliQ developed MobiDM, a unique mobility platform as a Service (mPaaS™) solution, that enables an organization to securely manage a host of smartphones, tablets and mobile apps, as well as provides back-end integration

  • 18

    A provider of enterprise mobility solutions and an enterprise governance platform for companies across Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI and consumer goods